Charm City Sampler
Charm City Sampler 2022
Organized and mastered by
Tony Correlli
Deep End Studio

Artwork by
Rae Shade

Sponsored by
Little Market Cafe
The Wine Bin
Deep End Studio

Thanks to
Little Market Café, The Wine Bin, La Palapa, Brad Cox of the Mouthful of Graffiti Podcast, Nick Volk & Molly Korman of Old Eastern Ink Shop, Jeni Porter, Kelly Bell, Will Sims, Jamin Mears, Rob Hinkal and ilyAIMY, Aria Correlli, Rachel Novak, Tina Ziemski, Heidi Klotzman, and others who helped spread the word and extend this opportunity to new artists every year.

Main Street Music Fest
September 17, 2022



Kings of the Wild Things

by Oscar Sobkowicz
Produced by Tony Corelli
Recorded by Tony Correlli at Deep End Studio
Lead vocals: Oscar Sobkowicz
Backup vocals:
Guitars: "Oscar Sobkowicz Tony Correlli"
Keys: Tony Correlli
Bass: "Jonah Ridgeway Oscar Sobkowicz"
Drums: Tom Sobkowicz

Deep End Studio Little Market Cafe The Wine Bin