Charm City Sampler
Charm City Sampler 2014
Organized and mastered by
Tony Correlli
The Deep End Studio

Distributed by
24-7 Entertainment

Released at
The Shindig Festival
September 27, 2014
5,000 CDs

Artwork by
Scott Siskind

Sponsored by
Tin Roof
The Deep End
Walking With Giants

Special thanks to
Kevin Hock
Matt Davis


This Town

Almost Certain

Produced by Randall Karriker, and John Fernandez
Recorded and mixed by Randall
at Nine Four Recordings, Orlando, FL
Vocals: Shane Dougherty
Guitars: Shane Dougherty/Ben Campbell
Bass: Ben Campbell
Drums: John Greene


D.C. Sound Attack!


Written by: Neil Fallon, Jean Paul Gaster, Dan Maines, Tim Sult
Performed by: Clutch
Published by: Sea Gator Music/ ASCAP
World wide administration by BMG Rights Mgm’t USA
Courtesy of: Weathermaker Music, © 2013


Silver Tongues

Matt Talley

Words and music by Matt Talley
Produced by Tony Correlli
Recorded and mixed by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End Studio
Vocals: Matt Talley
Guitars: John Panzer III & Tony Correlli
Keys: Tony Correlli
Bass: Bill Yost
Drums: Bobby Jackson



Super City

Words and music by Wellham/ Ryan
© 2014 Super City Music
Produced by Super City
Recorded and mixed by Chris Freeland
at Beat Babies Recording Studio
Vocals: Greg Wellham
Guitars: Greg Wellham/ Dan Ryan
Keys: Jon Birkholz
Bass: Brian Brunsman
Drums: Mike Gambone


Penny Black

Eliza Doering
and The Penny Black

Words by Eliza Doering
Music by Eliza and John Doering
© 2012
Produced by John Doering and Eliza Doering
Recorded and mixed by Dave Nachodsky
at Invisible Sound Studios
Vocals: Eliza Doering
Guitar: John Doering and Eliza Doering
Bass: Justin Mann
Drums: Tom Miller


Don't Love Me Anymore


Produced by Tony Correlli and Matt Silkworth
Recorded and mixed by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End Studio
Vocals/Guitars: Matt Silkworth
Lead Guitar: Brian Jarboe
Bass: Troy Lindsay
Keys: Tony Correlli
Drums: Matt Boccia



Victims of Experience

Words and Music by Victims of Experience
© 2013 Victims of Experience
Recorded and Mixed by Matt Bittman
at Wrightway Studios
Vocals: Kristin Lagana
Guitar: Dylan Schwacke
Bass: Steve Boughan
Drums: Dave Stella
Sax: Jon-Michael Bittman


Mr. Sunshine

Fiction 20 Down

Written & Produced by Jordan Lally
Additional Lyrics by Andre Toney
Mixed & Mastered by Drew Mazurek
Performed by Fiction 20 Down
Vocals: Jordan Lally & Andre Toney
Guitar: Wes Anderson & Jordan Lally
Bass: Deejmon Fritzges
Drums: Andre Toney



Nelly’s Echo

Written by Nelson Emokpae
Recorded and mixed by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End Studio
Vocals: Nelson Emokpae
Guitars: Marcin "Samba" Otrebski
Keys: Tony Correlli
Bass: Tyler Sherard
Percussion: Daniel Booker
Drums: Barry Sherard


Kissing Love

The Upstarters

Music and Production by Ryan I. Raines
Lyrics and Vocals by Kanika
© 2012 The Upstarters


Just As Well

Dreamboat Armada

Lyrics by Steven Dunn
Music by Dreamboat Armada
Piano: Steve Dunn
Guitar: Belvedere Morton
Electric Cello: Bill Rose
Drums: Ricky Wise
Recorded and mixed by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End Studio



Roll It Over

Lyrics by Will Sims
Music by Roll It Over
© 2014
Produced by Tony Correlli and Brian Melvin
Recorded at Fairgreen Studio
Mixed and Mastered at The Deep End Studio
Vocals: Will Sims
Guitars: Joe Ruggiero
Bass: Brian Walton
Drums: Chris Pearson
Additional Percussion: Brian Melvin


Agency and Accountability

Playground Etiquette

Words and Music by Athena Hiotis and Nicholas Kosmas
© 2014 Athena Hiotis/Playground Etiquette
Produced by Athena Hiotis
Recorded and mixed by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End Studio
Drums recorded by Drew Mazurek
Vocals/Piano/Guitar: Athena Hiotis
Bass: Nicholas Kosmas
Violin: Lisa Ehrenspeck
Drums: Shareef Taher


Chasing Light

Walking With Giants

Written by Gary Noon and Clint Lowery
© 2014 The Six Words (ASCAP)
and CTH Lowery Publishing (ASCAP)
Recorded and Mixed by Mike Ferretti
at Architekt Studios in Butler, New Jersey
Gary Noon: guitars, vocals
Clint Lowery: producer, guitars, backing vocals
Scott Phillips: drums
Brian Marshall: bass


The Devil's Wings

The Purge Effect

Lyrics/Music by E. David Nazario
© 2013 The Purge Effect Music
Vocals, Guitars and Bass: E. David Nazario
Drums: Ricardo Mercado



Smile Culture

Music by Ric Peters & Tommy Sickles
Lyrics by Ric Peters
Produced by Ric Peters
Recorded by Ric Peters at Future Automatic (Pasadena)
Drums recorded by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End Studio (Middle River)
Vocals recorded by Matt Bittman
at Wrightway Studio (Baltimore)
Mixed by Ric Peters & Matt Bittman
at Wrightway Studio (Baltimore)
Music performed and programmed by Ric Peters
Vocals performed by Ric Peters
Drums performed by Tommy Sickles


The Isolationist/ So Alone

We Love the Underground

Words and music by Brad Cox
© 2013 Skitzo Calypso Music
Produced by Tony Correlli and Brad Cox
Recorded and Mixed by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End
Vocals and Guitar: Brad Cox
Bass Guitar: Zeke Johnson
Drums: Gary Holmes
Piano/Synths: Tony Correlli



Stars and The Sea

Written and Produced by Stars and The Sea
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Will Beasley
Additional editing by Tom Miller
Vocals/Guitars: Shane Gardner
Drums: John Leatherman
Bass: Jen Pruitt
Additional Bass: Brian Ison


Paint It Red


© 2014 Frenamie
Produced, Recorded and Recorded
at Pale Hotness Studios
Vocals: Abs Kase
Guitars: Nick Taylor
Bass: Allison Taylor
Drums: Whitney "Wakme" Kase


Devil’s Hips


Lyrics by Trevor Best and Steven Thomas
© 2014 Bassmental Studios
Produced by Ben Gilbert and FatManCatBite
Recorded and mixed by Ben Gilbert
at Bassmental Studios
Vocals: Trevor Best and Steven Thomas
Guitars: Daric Simons and Steven Thomas
Bass: Jason Butler
Drums: Trevor Best


Every Moment

Fatally Yours

Words by Keith Thompson
Music by Keith Thompson and Christian Rivera
© 2013 Fatally Yours
Produced by Keith Thompson and Christian Rivera
Recorded and mixed by Tony Correlli
at The Deep End Studio
Vocals/Rhythm Guitars: Keith Thompson
Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals: Christian Rivera
Bass: Chad Rollman
Drums: Justin Posner
Piano & Synths: Tony Correlli

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